Saturday, November 12, 2016

Occasional Blog Posts Coming Up.

I have not blogged for several years.

During those years, a great deal has changed within the United States and the world, and also in my personal life.

I am considering discussing these changes in some occasional future posts.

I will go ahead and make this first post an explanation of the name of this blog.

Firstly, this blog is named after the proposed William States Lee Nuclear Generating Station, near Gaffney, South Carolina. The station was named after William States Lee III, former chairman of Duke Power.

The plant's Construction and Operating License (COL) has been substantially delayed.

This blog cannot cover only this subject. For one thing, I no longer live in the general area of the Carolinas.

One subject I hope to discuss is infrastructure in the US. A robust infrastructure committment is my most earnest hope for the new Trump Administration. More about that later.

One little thing I'd like to do right now is to make it very clear that this blog is not related to Robert E. Lee, or to any other Lees other than William States Lee.

A note about comments: I am disabling them for most posts because I do not have the time to curate them.